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Custody, Support, Restraining Orders and Split of Community Property

Your children are your most valuable asset.  Keep yourself in a position to care for them and support them well.


Real Estate And Business Law

29 years experience litigating borrower and business owner contract breaches.

Recovered Millions For Auto And Neglience Case Clients

We take on any size case for auto accident neglience, malpratice,  and contract trials.

Who is John Nagle

Georgetown Law School Graduate 1991, Appellate Court Clerk, Private Pratice In California Since 1995

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Don’t risk your future or your relationship with your children.  When injured you need to achieve maximum compensation.  Do not sign a contract without a good lawyer’s review.

We Service All Court Houses In Los Angeles County, Ventura, Orange, and San Bernandino Counties

 Go With An Attorney Having 29 Years Experience-Don’t Risk Your Case or Your Future
John Nagle will confront your accuser at trial. A restaining order affects custody, support- even travel and job. You only get one bite at the apple.

California law can make it hard to change a custody time share order once in place.  Don’t short change yourself or your child.  Be represented.  Get the whole story told and put on all your evidence from the get go.  It’s your life, family and financial future.

Please call me today and get going on protecting you and your family.


Restraining Orders
There are many defenses to restraing orders. The standard of proof is merely more probable than not. With such a low standard for each party, you should not attempt to put on your own case or defend yourself without an attorney who understands what the court will focus on, to judge who is telling the whole truth and the whole story.

Business Law and Contract Litigation
Before you try to solve a complex contract or litigation problem, come in for a free consultation with John.  Use his 29 years of experience dealing with the same business and contract issues you are facing.


All fees are negotiable.  Check with John first and get a better deal on his contingency fee percentage.  Get the right treatment and maximum recovery.  Don’t hesitate to get treatment you need now with our help.

Client Testimonials

My husband had been bullying and threatening me for a long time.  John was able to get a long restraining order, custody and fair support orders.

Sherri L.

My girlfriend had been on and off drugs and binge drinking for years and I worked overtime.  John was able to prove up facts that got me primary physical and sole legal custody, at a monthly amount I could pay, and no support payments.

Ken Moore

I was in a what appeared to be a fender bender, but later was in so much pain.  John got me a recovery that allowed me to get future treatement and lost income.

Charlie H.

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